Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase inspection This is the Buyer’s inspection. Every home buyer should have a pre-purchase home inspection performed on their future home to protect themselves and their investment. This third party non-biased home inspection often exposes unforeseen issues to the buyer before its too late. In many cases this home inspection enhances your negotiating ability.
  • Uniform Wind Mitigation inspection– The purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to qualify the home for what may be significant insurance discounts by checking the roof coverings, the protections of openings (doors and windows), Gable Bracing, Hurricane Clips and Straps, and more.  Having a wind mitigation inspection done could save you lots of money.
  • 4-Point Insurance inspections Insurance companies normally require a four point inspection be performed on older homes by home inspectors in order to qualify the home for insurance. If any one of the systems fails the inspection, the home may not be insurable. A 4-point inspection includes verifying that the following systems are in good working order:                                           1) Roof covering  2) Plumbing   3) Electrical  4) Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

  • Pre-listing inspection The seller’s inspection. Every prudent home buyer is going to request a home inspection before closing on your home.  With a pre-listing inspection you can be prepared for anything that could be wrong with the home that may damage the selling ability before you list your home.

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